Student instructions

1. Tabula

Instructions have been built with Moodle Book activity. Bottom and the top of the page has arrows that you can use to navigate forward and backwards between the the instructions.

  • Online Learning Environment, LMS aka Learning Management System
  • can be used from anywhere that has internet access
  • used with web browser or mobile app.
What is it used for?
  • "Home" for course implementation
  • sharing learning materials within a course (it's not a a general material bank)
  • doing learning assignments
  • flexible learning.

Tabula is TAMK Online Learning Environment that is based on open source Moodle platform ( Tabula is used in conjunction with classroom teaching and as a tool for online learning.

As a online learning platform Tabula is well suited for organizing course structure, sharing learning materials and arranging online exercises. Tabula can be called also virtual learning environment,  course management platform, and learning platform. There are a lot of different names for learning platform and and they mean almost the same thing. In TAMK we generally use online learning environment, when we talk about Tabula.

Tabula Mobile

Tabula has responsive theme. This means that Tabula scales for different size screens. 

In addition to scalable UI Tabula can be used via Moodle Mobile app that can be installed to modern android or iOS devices. Moodle Mobile user experience isn't as full as with computer, but the app has some nice features.

Moodle Mobile - Android
oodle Mobile - iOS